Established in 2021


We help baseball and softball players develop solid fundamentals and improvements that translate to immediate success on the field.

Baseball/Fast-pitch Softball is a unique sport that requires both defensive and offensive skills. These skills must be learned, and in the right way because practicing poor skills creates and reinforces bad habits.

Good skill development is learned and reinforced through instruction and, for cold weather states like Indiana, access to indoor facilities.

Besides physical development, we focus on mental strength, mindset and fun. Every player deserves respect and we want to emphasize a love of the game.

We look forward to seeing your team.

Shawn Lessor, Owner

About Us:

Shawn Lessor is a Native of the Beverly/Salem Massachusetts area where he excelled in high school and collegiate sports. Post College he played sports in Europe. Since moving to Indiana in 1994 he has been a staple in the softball community as a player, coach and mentor.

Shawn has such a love and passion for the sport of Softball, and he is excited to pass that on to families and individuals. It has become his mission to impart his knowledge through coaching and mentoring.

Shawn’s daughter plays travel ball on a national softball team and he loves to see her, and his student/athletes grow in the game.

In 2020 Shawn opened a small single team sized training facility and due to its popularity, he decided to open a larger facility to open to the public.

 So, in 2021 he opened Batter’s Box Training. To date it has been the fulfilment of a dream of making softball an even bigger part of the community around him.

Shawn continues to surround himself with former and current Collegiate Coaches and Athletes in order to offer the highest level of training and knowledge.

Shawn specializes in hitting and fielding work.

“Anything worthy of your passion should be worthy of your preparation.”  Sue Enquist

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Batter’s Box is the premier indoor baseball and softball training facility in the area – dedicated to training players of all ages and abilities. Our state of the art, year round, indoor facility has over 20,000 square feet of training area, 18 multi-use indoor batting and pitching tunnels.


To provide and all-inclusive immersive facility for baseball and softball training and coaching.

“The best athlete is made during the off-season.”


Being gracious in winning and losing is a corner stone of Sportsmanship.

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